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Based on the philosophy of beauty propounded by Dr. Linn Sakurai, who holds qualifications in both dermatology and cosmetic plastic surgery, our company began manufacturing and marketing basic cosmetics that are fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, and free of artificial colors and that utilize your skin’s natural vital forces without adding any unnecessary ingredients under the Linn Sakurai brand in 1970.

Our company’s philosophy can be summed up in its name:


We value our ties with the customers who believe in our products and rely on them. We aim to be known as a company that keeps its promises to its customers and builds relationships of trust with each individual.

We develop skincare products that nurture your skin’s natural mechanisms to alleviate the burden on your skin due to unneeded elements and ask consumers to perform skin care based on our philosophy of beauty. In these ways, we provide products that support recovery of your skin’s moisture and natural functions.

We hope to help you feel your own essential radiance, bring joy to your heart, and put a smile on your face, continuing to be a brand that wins your trust and devotion. To these ends, we will continue creating new value and ensure that our products are always of the highest quality.


Company name:
Confiance Co., Ltd.

23-14 Aizumi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0005

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Keiji Onda

Nature of business:
Sale of doctor-developed brands of cosmetics, import and marketing of organic products, production of OEM products

Lines of merchandise
Dr. Linn Sakurai, Soltar, Mobilia, Isabella Smith Apothecary


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